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Viviani Family Limited Partnership is Lake County, Ohio's leading commercial - industrial real estate
owner - lessor - manager with over thirty five years experience of providing and catering to our tenants requirements.

Because of our thirty three buildings at twenty three locations, comprising 772,000 sq. ft. and 280 units, we certainly should have what you need. 

We can offer you an excellent opportunity to change your occupancy site without having to wait until lease end.

Our policy of one to multiple year leases with renewal options as well as month to month renewals (with terms) offers you the maximum flexibility rather than a rigid three year lease.

We can also offer you a lease with an option to buy as a condominium.  We own and manage our properties. You can negotiate directly with the decision maker who can tailor your requirement to fit your needs.

Leasing Information: Randy Viviani at 440-951-4900 or Gayle Homoly at 440-946-0488



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